Nosjeman Bigyouth



Biografie Nosjeman Bigyouth

Nosjeman born in Surinam is a much sided musician. . Nosjeman is originally from a village called Santigron, where music and dance is a daily norm.
Nosjeman started as a singer in the Dutch/Surinamese band 036. Nosjeman started in the summer of 2008 writing reggae songs. Not long after he released his first mixtape called wwausses ,recently he has 3 mixtapes coming out soon wwausses volume 4.
Nosjeman went to play with the reggae band Priiti pangi with Jah Jah-H and-K. Nosjeman wanted to sing his own written music and starded his own band: The Nature Sound Family. He has several appearances in the Reggae/ Dancehall scene in the Netherlands to his name.