Sticko Xperience

Biografie Sticko-Xperience

The preparation and the arrangement of the Music has Always been completely in the hands of Sticko.
The band as a whole take possession of the process as we rehearse for months in the dusty studio’s in Amsterdam.
That’s why the music is enriched with the ideas and influences of each group member.
Musically the arrangements invite the listener to discover other cultures.
The lyrics Sticko wright’s, are dwell upon various social themes what’s happened around Sticko during his life & career.
Through the course of a run with Eek-a-Mouse Mikal Roze and subsequently joining Reggae bands in Europe,
Sticko landed in Amsterdam (where he is based now).
He came into his own as a songwriter and started performing his own songs,
first as a solo singer-songwriter, and later with a band.
Although Sticko is considering acquiring a recording contract in the future.
The S-X Band is one of the few traditional roots reggae bands who still Write original songs.
It is totally obvious that “The Sticko-Xperience” will excel as a voice for the people.

The group’s current original line up

1 : Lead Singer Guitarist Ras Sticko.
2 : Bassist Ras Kay,
3 : Drummer Gille,
4 : Keyboardist Dave,
5 : Lead Guitarist Jesse,
6 : Percussionist Ras Killo,
7 : Sax Karin,
8 : Sax Linda,
9: Backing Vocal’s Femke,
10: Backing Vocal’s Vanessa


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